Five habits can prolong the life of a tire

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The habit of checking tire pressure at any time. The pressure is the key to prolong the life of the tyre-the tire pressure often exceeds 20% of the normal pressure, the tyre life will be reduced by 10%, and the tyre life will be reduced by 52% if it is often below the normal pressure of 30%.

Second, the pressure must be consistent. Tire pressure is the life of the tyre, the air pressure is too low, the fetal body deformation increases, the tire side prone to rupture, at the same time lead to excessive heat, causing rubber aging, cord layer fatigue, cord broken.

Third, regular removal of foreign body inside the tire habit. When vehicles drive on the road, there are often some stones squeezed into the tread of the tires. If these pebbles are not cleared in time, they will puncture the tires, causing a leak or a puncture.

Driving habits meet scientific requirements. When driving in the larger camber, try to center the road, avoid and reduce the center of gravity shift, reduce the side of the tire load increase and tire wear uneven.

Five, the front and rear wheels to maintain accurate orientation. The front wheel alignment has great influence on the service life of the tyre, especially the front front harness and the front wheel extroversion as the main factor. Front wheel extroversion will accelerate the wear of the tire shoulder, that is, the front beam is to speed up the tire inside and outside the wear.

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