Single-oriented pattern

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Single-direction pattern is the pattern of the groove is connected to each other, is an independent pattern block structure. It has excellent braking performance, excellent drainage performance, rain excellent stable performance, suitable for high-speed driving. However, the installation position of the tyre must be the same as the driving direction. Suitable for use in high-speed cars.

  • 12/13/14/15 Inch Raised White Letter Tire for Classic Car
  • A Powerful Sport Performance Tire with Enhanced Responsive Handling and Strong Grip in All-season Conditions
  • Ultra High Performance Safety Pneumatic Vehicle Tyre
  • Ultra High Performance Long Mileage Run Flat Tire
  • Perfect Tractive Performance Automobile All-season Tire with Low Resistance
  • Ultra-high-performance Tire with Strong Resistance Against Hydroplaning and Comfortable Quiet Ride on Wet and Winter Roads

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