Tyre Installation

- Sep 28, 2017 -

1. Please use a standard wheel ring that has not been deformed or damaged by the wheel ring.

2. Before the wheel and tire combinations, please clear the wheels and tires, do not have debris to stay inside.

3, wheel ring and tire combination before. You can use the rubber lubricant or soapy water to wipe the flange of the tire lip wheel rim, do not use oily lubricant.

4. Wheel ring and tire combination should pay attention to the case of inlay, do not use more than the normal range of wind pressure forced installation, in order to avoid danger.

5. Wheel and tyre combinations need to be operated by a dedicated tire line operator, please do not assemble.

  • 12/13/14/15 Inch Raised White Letter Tire for Classic Car
  • 14/15 Inch Raised White Letter Tire for Classic Car
  • 295/30ZR18 TEMPESTA ENZO 98W XL
  • 265/35ZR18 TEMPESTA ENZO
  • Low and Zero Tire Pressure Continue Driving Run Flat Tire
  • High Quality Self Sealing and Self-supporting Safety Tire

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