Tyre Maintenance

- Sep 28, 2017 -

After buying your car's tires, the most important thing is to maintain your car's tires in use. In various parts of the car, the price of tires is relatively expensive, so pay special attention to the maintenance of car tires.

1. High-speed driving to keep the distance, avoid unnecessary or frequent braking (braking), reduce damage to the tires, while for their own safety considerations to pay attention to the tread depth of the tire, close to the flat tire because of friction with the road and reduce, the braking distance is long, do not travel at high speed.

2. The tire load is one by one corresponding to the pressure, high load is similar to low pressure, will cause tire damage, often used under overload, tires will reduce the service life of 20%-50%, and the wrong loading mode will also cause uneven tire load, affecting individual tire load too high life.

3. Air pressure is the life of the tire, the tire pressure must meet the national standards for different types, specifications of the air pressure specified tires. To constantly check the tire pressure, too high and low pressure will produce abnormal wear, the pattern ditch bottom crack, the cord break, the ply layer delamination, the tyre blasting and so on damage; if to continue high speed, the barometric pressure should increase 5%-10% on the standard pressure, while the tyre will increase the internal gas after driving because of temperature rise, can not release gas at this time.

4. To properly replace the tires on the vehicle in a timely manner (insist on checking the tires at the level of vehicle maintenance and level two maintenance), keep the tire wear evenly and prolong the service life; a slightly larger tire should be installed in the outer ocean.

5. The refurbished tyres should not be used on the front wheels, the tires with the vertical bar pattern should be used as far as possible, and the rear wheels should be selected with a horizontal line pattern.

6. Tires worn to wear marks, must be replaced.

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