Tyre special symbol

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Tire Side Note "", "-", "-" "symbol or note" W "," D "and other text, indicating the lightest part of the tire, installation of the inner tube, should be the valve to the symbol of the installation, so that the weight around the tire average, keep the tire at high speed when the smooth rotation. If the arrow "" indicates a directional tire. Install in the direction that the arrow refers to in the direction of rotation.

High-pressure tires with DXB indicated that D represents the nominal outside diameter of the tyre, B is the section width of the tyre, in inches. "X" means a high pressure tire.

Low-pressure tires with D indicated that B is the tire cross-section width, d for the rim diameter, "-" indicates a low-pressure tire. Because the section B is approximately equal to the section height H, the wheel size D can be calculated by d=d-2b. For example, Audi tires are 185/80r1490s type.

In addition, there are some certification marks on the tire side, such as Dot, ECE, CCC and so on.

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