Cross-country Pattern

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Cross-country pattern is also called block pattern, characterized by a wide and deep pattern groove, the plot block grounding area is smaller (about $number). In the soft road, a part of the soil will be embedded in the groove, must be embedded in the groove of this part of the soil cut, the tire can appear skidding, so, the grip of the cross-country pattern. According to the test, on the muddy road, the same model of vehicles using cross-country pattern rotation traction can reach the normal pattern of 1.5 times times.

Cross-country pattern is divided into two kinds: direction and pattern. Directional patterns are used when directed. Cross-country tread tires are suitable for use in rugged roads, soft dirt roads and road-free areas. Because the contact pressure of the pattern block is big, the rolling resistance is big, so it is not suitable for long time running on good hard road. Otherwise, will aggravate tire wear, increase fuel consumption, car vibration is also more severe.

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