Divided By Tyre Use

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Car Tires-is installed in the car tires, it is mainly used for good high-speed road surface exercise, the maximum speed of up to 200-kilometer/hour, the request to ride comfort, small noise, with good maneuverability and stability. The structure of the tire is mostly meridian. According to the speed of the requirements are divided into different series, in the Standard and manual common 95, 88 series for skew tires, 80, 75, 70, 65 series for radial tires.

Light truck tyres--usually a 16-inch rim diameter and below the section width of 9 inches and above the truck tires. This kind of tire mainly travels in the highway, the traveling speed generally can reach 80~100km/h.

Load and bus tyres usually refer to rims with a diameter of $number inches, a cross-section width of 7 inches and above the truck, dump truck, various special and trailer tyres. Its road surface is more complex, there are good asphalt, there are poor gravel road, dirt road, Muddy Road, Bingsheru, and even no road conditions, the speed of travel generally does not exceed 80km/h.

Construction Machinery Tires-Construction machinery tires are installed in the special operation of the construction machinery vehicles, such as loaders, bulldozers, excavators, leveling machine, road roller and rock working machine. Driving speed is not high, but the use of road conditions and load performance requirements are harsh. The tire mainly uses the oblique tire structure, but the French meter its round (Cantonese pronunciation, Mandarin called Michelin) company also uses Meridian structure. The classification of tyre section width can be divided into two series: standard tyre and wide base tyre.

Off-Road vehicle tires-off-road vehicles for front and rear wheel drive. Off-Road vehicle tires are mainly driving on bad roads such as deserts, muddy ground, soft soil or other road roads, require tires have a higher pass performance, cross-country tires often use low-pressure, and some also use adjustable tires, according to road conditions to adjust the size of the tire pressure. In order to improve the cross country crossing, it is generally used to widen the tyre section and rim width, and to reduce the rim diameter, so as to increase the grounding area and reduce the grounding pressure. The tyre structure is also used in addition to the oblique tire structure.

Agricultural and forestry machinery tyres-agricultural tyres are mainly used in tractors, combine combine harvesters and vehicle vehicles. Forestry machinery tires in forestry tractors and forestry machinery, forestry harvesting, timber, shovel transport and excavation operations. These two kinds of tires are characterized by low speed requirements, but the use of harsh conditions, often travel in poor conditions of the field path and hard stubble or gravel mountain road, or even roads without road, tires easily scratched or cut. Another feature is intermittent operation, short mileage, but the use of a longer period of time, so that the tire has a good flex-resistant cracking and anti-aging properties. The tyre is dominated by oblique structure, but Meridian structure is also used.

Industrial vehicle tyres-mainly for inflatable tires, semi solid tyres and solid tyres on industrial vehicles. Car battery tires, forklift tires and flatbed tires.

Motorcycle tyres-Tyres for motorcycles. including motorcycle tires, mopeds and scooters tires.

Air tyres-Inflatable tyres for use in air-jet aircraft.

Special vehicle tires-including carriage tires, tank tires, armored truck tires, desert tires, explosion-proof vehicle tires.

Force wheel tyres-inflatable tyres for bicycles, tricycles and trolleys.

Electric bike tyres-tyres for electric bicycles.

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