Inflatable Tires

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The initial inflatable tyres were used with a rubber-coated canvas as a carcass. Because the longitudinal lines and the horizontal line of the canvas cross each other, while walking because of the deformation of the tires, resulting in friction between the lines; So, the line is easily frayed, then the tires can only run 200-300km. 1903, J· Mr. F· Parmesan invented the twill textile, the invention of the twill textile, which led to the development of the cross ply Tyre, which made the life span of the tyre a big step forward. Because the oblique fork of the carcass will not be caused by the tire walking and friction, the cord is not easy to wear off, so the life expectancy greatly lengthened. In 1930, Michelin made the first tyre-free tire, and in 1946 invented the world-famous radial tire. Therefore, the development of the tire has undergone a long process, in this long night, do not know how many generations of people have to pay a hard labor and superb wisdom.

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