Methods For The Maintenance Of Tyres

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Under direct sunlight or in the rain, will not cause discoloration, produce small cracks and so on.

If the sun is direct or rain, long time in the outdoor, it will speed up the aging of rubber and so on.

To prevent tires from direct sunlight, ultraviolet irradiation, rain, ozone, oil pollution, heat and so on. It is important to keep the tyres in a dark and cool place and to let off the air inside the tires. Please let the daylight direct.

1, when the rain, please move the tires indoors in order to avoid internal water inside the tires;

2, the tire sticky oil or water, susceptible to scars or deformation. So please put it in a place where there is no oil or water;

3, please do not put in can cause tire scar or deformation place;

4, please do not place in the generator, battery and so on next;

5, long time to remove the tire storage, please pay attention to the inside of the tire leakage of chemicals and will get dirty ground.

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