Racing Tires And Ordinary Car Tires Difference

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Racing tires first tell you what a racing tire is

F1, WRC, DTM, DAKAR, GT will have their own different.

The first is for different cars, the size will be different.

Then for the use of different venues, venue races, cross-country races, obstacle games, exhibition games will have their own different settings.

Then for different climates, Formula One has the dry and wet tires that we are familiar with, the WRC has dry tires, rain tires and snow tires (WRC actually sets tires, gravel, snow, roads and so on).

Each manufacturer's tire will be in their own tire allocation, according to each track have their own different formulations are provided by the previous car to deploy the information in the grip, hardness and hardness parameters to be done on the debugging.

There are still many differences between tires and civilian tires that combine the above factors, but many of the technologies used in racing tires are applied to the family cars, so there is still something in common.

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