The Earliest Tires

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The earliest tires were made of wood or iron, as can be seen from ancient Chinese chariots and foreign gentlemen's carriages. Later, when Columbus, the explorer, discovered the rubber lumps played by local children in the second discovery of a new continent in 1493-1496 on the island of Haiti in the West Indies, he was astonished. Later he brought this wonderful thing back to the motherland, a few years later, rubber has been widely used, the wheel has gradually changed from wood to hard rubber manufacturing. But at this time the rubber tires are still solid, the walk is very uncomfortable, and the noise is very large. Until 1845, R·w· Thompson, a civil engineer born in Scotland, invented the inflatable tires and was patented by the British government for "improvement of carriages and other vehicles ' wheels". December 10 The same year the first inflatable tires were born. The first person to buy an inflatable tire is a list, a nobleman, and the price of four tires equals 44 pounds and two shillings. The 1847 Science and America magazine introduced the inflatable tyres of Thompson, calling it an epoch-making improvement. However, at that time the British, too much emphasis on the traditional gentleman, in order to protect the carriage,

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