The Importance Of Tires To The Car!

- Dec 11, 2017 -

From MOTOGP to F1 no matter what the event, the tire for the car the sport played a key role, review this year's MOTOGP San Marino station race, Rossi lost the pit stop for the best time to pass with the podium only Achieved the fifth result.

In the event, the driver's choice of the degree of hardness of the tire also laid the tactical tactics used by the driver for this race.

Soft tires are easier to reach working temperature and easier to enter the early stage of the race to make a lap distance, but the loss of soft tires, in the latter part of the game because of the grip of the tire lead to race car Unstable condition.

On the contrary, the hard tire, the tire temperature is difficult to come up in the early grip is not enough to make a substantial inclination.

However, the real power of the hard tires is also shown in the late stages of the race, with hard tires reaching their operating temperature and making the car more aggressive, given the serious loss of traction from other drivers' tires.

In addition to the neutral tire, super soft tire, rain tire, these tires have their own important work, so the car race in the driver's choice of tire is also a wonderful Aspect.

The importance of "tires" to the car!

The importance of "tires" to the car!

Tires used in road racing are non-tread bare skins, bare skins because there is no tread so than ordinary tire ground area larger, better grip.

Tires used in competitions, also known as "hot-melt tires", are very special and have a lower melting point than street tires. After reaching a certain working temperature, the surface of the tire becomes hot-melt and becomes viscous Gummy, these sticky gelatin will firmly grasp the ground to the car provides excellent grip.

So in order to get the tires to work faster, the road races are usually equipped with warm bells to allow the tires to enter the race ahead of the race and the team prepares a warm cover for the car to warm up the tires in advance , Shows how small the tire is to the car is crucial.

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